Lil’ Man all Swagged up!

Alloha Fam’! I know it has been AGES since I made my last post. My apologies [hope I’m forgiven 😉 ]. A lot has been happening thus the silence. My welcome back post will be about your Lil’ Man.

Nothing is more ADORABLE than seeing an all Styled Up baby boy (Lil’ Man). Who says they have to adorn the usual plain Tees and Shorts/Pants? An addition of accessories will go a long way in spicing up your baby’s look. Have a look at some of the looks I came across on my journey through the web. Enjoy the read!

The Jacket: This makes your Lil’Man the coolest kid! 😉

The Scarf: Keep your Lil Man warm and still keep him stylish!

The Suit/Blazer/Half Coat

And more style . . .


Home decoration ideas with fashion silk scarves

I know it’s been a while since i posted something. With all that has being going on in our country i decided to take some time off. But just as promised, I would like to share with you a great piece of article (on scarves) I came across. Read about the different ideas on how to decorate your house or add some artistic touch to your house decor, using beautiful scarves.
I hope you find the article/post useful just as i did.

A zillion ways to rock that scarf

Before i can call it a day i would like to share the different ways of adorning a scarf to achieve different looks in different occasions. A scarf  can break or make a look so be careful on how you wear it to avoid the ‘huh?’ looks when walking down the streets 😉

Here is a pic showing simple styles of adorning the scarf 1.e as drapery, bow, gathered e.t.c

How to wear your scarf

6 simple ways of wearing your scarf

Instant Handbag

Turn it into an instant handbag as shown

Instant Scarf Handbag

Instant Scarf Handbag

More options

more ways to wear a scarf

more ways to wear a scarf