Reblog: Dera Friday

I am a huge fan of Deras but I never thought of ever styling it until i came across Ms Kibati’s post Dera Friday. This is super creative!!! Read her full post

Time to get creative too!!! 😉



Reblog: Harboring Pain

An eye opening read plus a SLAYER look!!!


   Forgiveness is for you, not for your offender.

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Reblog: Shut It Down!!!

This is certainly a head turner! Simply chic..

Being Rosemary


It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time to take Beyoncés advice, “pull out the big guns and put your freakum dress on!” It can be challenging to find a truly wow -‘em dress that makes you look good without trying too hard, something chic with just the right bit of sexy! The perfect freakum dress bares enough skin to catch glances but also conceals your assets, leaving some mystery and intrigue.

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