Trendz: Gold Metal Plate Belt

Belts are a simple, functional way to add a big impact to an outfit and they are best known to accentuate a woman’s figure. The gold metal plate belt is no exception. The reason I set it apart from the rest is coz it adds an edgy, fierce and sophisticated look to one’s ensemble. Rock them with your dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, jumpsuits or even rompers to brighten your look. This is a must have for every Fashionista and trust me when I say It is no fashion regret to own one.

You can shop for the metal belts from the sites below




Kim Kardashian rocking a black leather belt with a gold metal plate


Rihanna accessorizing her jumpsuit with a gold belt


Kim Kardashian rocking a Maxi skirt with a metal gold belt

Black leather belt with gold metal plate and spikes




Accessorizing a romper with a gold belt




Very HAWT look!


Paris Hilton in a thin gold belt

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