Her dream gown (part I)

Its is every woman’s dream to walk down the aisle on her big day in her ‘dream’ gown; one that flatters her figure/curves, brings out her personality and most of all label her the most beautiful bride to have ever walked down the aisle. Personally I have envisioned myself in what i would call the best mermaid gown yet to be seen 😉 while choosing your dream gown, one has to pay close attention to details, fitting, overall silhouette and above all comfort. you wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in a dress that you ain’t comfortable wearing just because its the latest trend.

Designers are now coming up with funky/creative designs drawing us away from the traditional white silk gown that looked heavy  to simple, light n chic gowns. Also, there is the incorporation of lace to add that classy touch. Below are some designs I thought would be great to rock on that big day since its a day that comes once in a lifetime 🙂

Here are links to one of the most amazing designer I have come across and watch out for part II of Her dream gown, Cheers!! :*


Also check out http://www.fashionstylemag.com/channel/bridal/ for more jaw dropping designs from top notch designers


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